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Does Age Matter? – Being a Sugar Baby

Does Age Matter? – Being a Sugar Baby

Is there a problem with a massive age gap? Well, to some this might not even be an issue while to others it is a matter of great concern. Though to some age is nothing but just a number, to other folks age is not just any ordinary number but it is what determines every other thing they do, think or even say. As a matter of fact, age alone can be a deal breaker for those who take the age subject too seriously. Age has always influenced all spheres of life including our physical, social and even religious aspects. As much as age influences everything in our lives, age has always influenced our relationships for the better part of our lives.

Having a Sugar Baby

Be it how we relate with our peers, our parents, siblings, relatives and even when it comes to romantic relationships, age will always play a role in determining how we conduct these relationships. However, the problem always arises when it comes to romantic relationships where there is a massive age difference. If you are in such a relationship, then I am sure you can attest to the fact that being in such a relationship is another challenge on its own. This is especially when you consider the social stigma associated with such relations.


Being in a relationship where there is a massive age difference means that you have to cope with the challenges that come with it. To begin with, you have to deal with the fact that people will always question your intentions in the relationship, especially if you are the younger partner. In most cases, people will always assume that you are in the relationship for material gain. Are you dating him/her for the money? This will always be a common question thrown to you by anyone who feels like your relationship is not appropriate.


Also, most people have to deal with the stereotype that a relationship with a massive age difference will definitely experience difficulties. This has made even people in those relationships to believe that any problems they face is due to their age difference. Most counsellors attest to this and to them there is nothing as problems arising due to age difference. Instead they argue that a relationship is about two individuals and not say a thirty and a sixty year old. Actually, they argue that when you face issues with your age difference in mind, be rest assured that they will definitely not work out.


Preparing for the future is of great concern. The most probable thing is that your partner is highly likely to pass away before you do. Though most couples in massive age difference relationships tend to ignore this and live one day at a time, it is wise for them to plan for the future because whether you face it or not, problems especially health issues will arise and it would be better if you would be prepared instead of living in denial.


Most people will always seem to have the right to comment about your relationship. Do not be surprised to be asked whether you met on a dating site. Most websites on the internet are encouraging such relationships with the promise of finding a sugar baby and the assumption that you met your partner on such a site will be something that you have to deal with on almost a daily basis. Sugar baby or no sugar baby, a relationship with a massive age gap will definitely face challenges and the only way to cope with these challenges is being you and not take into heart what people say.

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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