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Let’s talk about being a Sugar Baby

Let’s talk about being a Sugar Baby

Let’s face it, everybody; the media has always played by its own rules. This has never been clearer than when it comes to what they perceive of the term Sugar Baby. There is nothing wrong with being a Sugar Baby, even though the narrative is being pushed that there is a stigma attached to it. I say, be proud of what you are and hold your head up, and I can give you the reasons why.

A Sugar Baby is not a paid escort

As a sugarbaby, you are not breaking any law that I have ever heard of, and it is not immoral. To be a true sugarbaby you are not demanding anything, but just happy to receive what is on offer. You are using all of the assets you have to get on. Doesn’t everybody do this anyway? Whether it’s a mental or physical skill, why not use what you have been blessed with.

Sugar Baby aim to better themselves

As a proud member of the Sugar Baby club, you will have opportunities to use your wealthy sugardaddy for a lot more help than you can imagine. To get into a position of power and have loads of money, these men have skills that ordinary men do not possess. A clever Sugar Baby will access these skills and learn. A Sugar Daddy will be happy to provide guidance and mentorship on how, for example, to be successful in business. The wise Sugar Baby taps into this knowledge and uses it to her advantage.

A Sugar Baby is in control

By being a Sugar Baby, you are taking control of your life, and your future looks rosy. If you have goals for making money, education or career opportunities, then use your Sugar Daddy.

What kind of Sugar Baby are you?

A Sugar Baby needs to find out what sort of arrangement works for her. If you are a cash freak, then the ‚gift-daddy‘ is not for you and vice-versa. Are you after a full time or part time Sugar Daddy? Get the goals sorted in your head, and you won’t get any of those tricky problems that can occur in a daddy-baby relationship. Here are some pointers:

  • The shower me with sprinkles Sugar Baby who is already good-to-go with her living expenses. What she is looking for is the benefits of a wealthy lifestyle. This baby doesn’t need an allowance; she needs luxury holidays, exclusive restaurants and a celebrity lifestyle. This is the easiest arrangement to find because gift-daddies are plentiful.
  • The ‚be my friend and mentor‘ Sugar Baby is a complex creature. This baby loves money and gifts but is a girl on a mission. She wants her own career rather than financial support. She is looking for a daddy who can mentor her with the skills that can put her where she wants to be. She is after her benefactor’s brain and would be happy spending the day going through his Rolodex.

The ‚Marry Me‘ babe is the oldest professional in the world. Well, almost! She wants her daddy, and she wants him forever. She wants the strings and all of the baggage he comes with and is willing to fight for the right to wear his ring. She is playing the long-game‘ and hoping that her daddy doesn’t bankrupt himself by paying her too much attention. The emotional attachment baby is a storm trooper that is the ’special services‘ branch of the sugarbaby squad. I salute you.

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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