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Sugar daddy date – What wear a Sugar Baby?

Sugar daddy date – What wear a Sugar Baby?

You and your sugar daddy have been chatting online or on the phone for a considerable amount of time, and it is now time to go on a date. Whether this is your first time hooking up with a sugar daddy or you are experienced in the industry, you certainly want to look your best. What wear a sugar baby is one of the questions many ladies ask when meeting a sugar daddy. Your goal should be to engage him without giving too much. Here is a simple wardrobe guideline for sugar babies.

A little black dress

A little black dress is always a deal maker in any major event, and sugar dating is not different. As a sugar baby looking to win your ideal man, this dress will not only make you look slim but also compliment your skin tone (whether dark, white or chocolate). These little dresses have become shorter and more revealing than ever before. However, unless you are going clubbing with your girlfriends, do not wear such for a sugar date. Instead, look for a classy black cocktail dress to ensure you do not give the wrong impression.

The black leather pumps

The type of shoe you wear must be chosen wisely; otherwise, you may end up breaking your outfit. Also, do not wear a six-inch shoe for your sugar date. Remember you want to walk comfortably without tripping or drawing too much attention. A black leather pump must be in every sugar baby’s wardrobe since it looks perfect with any outfit.

A simple clutch bag

If you can’t afford a designer bag yet, look for a classic clutch. These have, in fact, become popular choices for sugar dates. Whether you are meeting at a local coffee shop or attending a business function, a clutch bag that holds your lip gloss, ID, mobile phone and other essentials should be perfect. Look for a nude, white or black clutch as these can complement any outfit.

Learn how to balance your outfit textures

Wearing an outfit that looks great on you is not enough. You are going on a date with a sugar daddy you hope to win, so you must pay keen attention to what you wear. If you choose to wear a silk top, for instance, ensure the bottom fabric is heavier. Also, if you decide to wear a top with a thicker fabric like wool, ensure the bottom has thinner fabric. You will look classier by ensuring the leather of your shoes, belt and bag have the same shade. For your underwear, have a set of lingerie, several bedroom negligees, teddies, a silk robe and quality seamless panties. Remember men are visual creatures, so let your attire drive home the impression that you are desirable and worth dating.


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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