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Why should a sugar daddy date you?

Why should a sugar daddy date you?

Qualities that will make a sugar daddy date you

Most people assume that if you are looking for a sugar daddy you will definitely get one. That is not always the case because there are many other sugar babies looking for the same. This therefore begs the question of why a sugar daddy should pick you and not the other sugar babies with great looks, personality, education and ambitions just like you. It is no secret that every sugar baby wants a real gentleman that can financially support her. This means that a sugar daddy adds value to the life of a sugar baby and it’s for this reason that he will be extremely selective

First, it is essential to note that a sugar daddy is most probably educated, established in matters relating to wealth and this can be attributed to his skills when it comes to seeking value as well as making choices. Thus they will also seek value when it comes to choosing a sugar baby. As a sugardaddy adds value to your life so should you.

Therefore figuring out how to add value to the sugar daddy’s life may be the key to a sugar daddy picking you out of the other sugar babies. A common characteristic of sugar daddies is that they do not have time for the usual dating and conventional relationships and thus are looking for a sugar baby that can adapt to their lifestyle. This is one of the things should keep in mind as a sugar baby.

Considering that most sugar daddies are probably married, therefore they will be looking for a sugar baby that they can trust to keep the relationship a secret. In line with this, a sugar daddy will choose you is he can trust you as well as confirm that you are not trying to scam him. In order to determine this he may look for eye contact, check out your story from friends or social media. He may also inquire about previous sugar daddies and if you tell it implies that you cannot keep the relationship discrete.

The other thing that sugar daddies may be looking for is company. Thus if you are easy to talk to and interact with then it will be a reason for the sugar daddy to date you. Sharing common interests with sugar daddy may also be a reason why he should pick you and not the other sugar babies. These are among many other traits that would make a sugar daddy pick you.


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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